André de Beer André de Beer

6 Nov 2008

Hi Shani,

Veels geluk met Carlien se verjaarsdag. Ek het dit nogal op my kalender aangeteken gehad.

Ekt so 2 weke terug begin water in my swembad intap vir die somer. Tap maar elke winter die ding leeg en spaar so op chloor. My dam is so in en op die rotse gebou dat hy het nie ’n kans om te bars as hy leegstaan nie, so dis nie ’n probleem nie.

Anyway, while filling the pool the water collected at the deep end and one of the first things that happened was that Maya, of course, immediately became thoroughly involved as soon as the water started splashing. She stood in the slowly filling deep end, under the stream of water to see whether she could swallow it fast enough to keep the pool dry. She stood with her upturned head, mouth open and the stream of water squirting directly into her gaping mouth. She couldn't quite manage to swallow fast enough and breathe at the same time, so this involved some coughing and wheezing, much head shaking and so forth. Still, she tried in all earnest and was really giving it a go!

While valiantly attempting to save our pool from drowning, a good sized frog plopped out of the water pipe like a champagne cork, landed on Maya head and bounced off into the knee deep water. This, in the course of events disrupted Maya's rhythm of swallowing and coughing. She tried to peer through the steady stream of water to see what had attacked her. She had to take a step back out of the pouring water to be able to see at all. She saw this thing swimming in the water and promptly pounced with both front feet on the frog in a stabbing action. The frog disappeared under the water. The water was too murky to see the creature, so Maya plunged her head up to her ears under water and started looking for the frog. Traversing back and forth in the small pool of water she looked for the intruder only occasionally coming up for air.

Nobody told her she cannot smell under water, so when the looking alone did not produce results, she tried smelling. It was a disaster! The poor dog very nearly drowned! I had to dash in and rescue her. This really made her upset and if she had gotten hold of that frog right then she would have torn it to pieces! She tried stomping on the elusive frog barking, and biting at the water. The foul language! It was something terrible! We got concerned about the neighbors and eventually we locked her up in the back garden so that I could retrieve the frog with the net and chuck it over the garden wall. Gave Maya a bone to chew to distract her and she eventually settled down.

Adrie sends her love and also her best wishes to Carlien and Seelan.