Vila in 2015
Vila in 2015

When Vila was built in 1912, there was just one family - Mářa, Viktor, Robert Jan Kořán, Eliška and Marie - living there. Plus most probably a maid. Then Eliška (1918) and Mářa (1924) got married and Vila was re-built into 3 flats with the staircase at the back. Robert Jan and Marie moved to the second floor where Marie lived for many years until her death in 1956.

When Pavel married Zdenka in 1950, they also first occupied a part of the second floor. Later, Pavel moved back to the first floor and the Kučera family (unrelated to us) took the whole of the second floor, except for the maid's room occupied by Heda Panušová. This was due to the forced densification: there was only a certain number of square metres allowed per person.

Aleš married Lída in 1949 and they lived in other towns for a number of years.

Zdenka divorced Pavel and married Aleš in 1960. They then occupied the left part of the first floor. The right part was subdivided: Betty's 8 sq. m room became Pavel and Majka's kitchen and they took Laďa and Mářa's bedroom.

Left and right is meant from the back of Vila (at that time the only entrance - see the second last photograph) and from the front doors of the flats occupied by Vavruchs. Not from the street.

The kitchen was divided into a bathroom (the original bathroom was Zdenka's kitchen), into a kitchen and into Bety's bedroom under the window. Laďa, Mářa and Petr slept in the Blue room.

So in 1963 there were Laďa, Mářa, Petr, Aleš, Zdenka, Helena, Luděk, Marta, Oliva, Ondřej, Pavel and Majka living on the first floor. Petr married and moved out and Aleš and Zdenka with all the children moved to Ratboř. Most of us emigrated in 1969 and Viktor Kořán and his third wife Zdenka took the left side of the first floor, Mářa and Betty keeping the right part. Zdenka Kořánová lived there until recently.

When Ivan got married, he continued to live on the ground floor but Alena married and moved out. Densification was achieved by dividing the floor and giving the left hand side first to Krákorovi (unrelated) who later swapped it with Honza Lochovský's mother (Alena's mother-in-law). That part was until recently occupied by Zdeněk Lochovský, the right hand side part by Petr Lochovský and his family.