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28 August 2008

Carlien Govender is a 32-year-old South African who is a "full-time wife and mother" on board. Having served on Doulos for four-and-a-half years, her previous jobs have included working in the book fair, on the reception desk, in project management and on the communications team. She wrote:

We had a guest at our table recently. Samuel B. lives just outside Sydney and came to the harbour to watch Doulos sail in. It was his first time to see the ship he has heard so much about and previously only seen in photographs. During lunch he told us how excited he was about today. "It took me an hour-and-a-half to fall asleep last night, and then I still woke at 3 am wondering if it was time to get up yet," he laughed.

Samuel is one of those precious friends of the Doulos ministry who has been supporting the ship with his prayers. He first started praying when a member of his church joined Doulos five years ago. "I prayed for him every day during his year on board," he said earnestly. And he kept praying even after his friend returned.

The Doulos in Sydney Since then he longed to see the ship himself, but when he heard that Doulos would soon be decommissioned he thought his dream would not be realised. However this morning it did come true as he stood among other well-wishers on the quayside, a Doulos cap firmly on his head. He was almost speechless as the ship first came into sight. And once the ship had berthed Samuel was thrilled to finally step on board and enjoy lunch with the crew in the dining room. "I have waited five years for this!" he said with a big smile.

As my husband and I listened to him, we both felt very privileged to have such a special person at our table. His enthusiasm and faithfulness in prayer is a great example to us. All the more since Samuel B is presently eight-years-old and was only three when he first started praying for Doulos!

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