Our morning in July 2016 with a young man who had a very disrupted night for some reason. Milan has four toys and Tessa has two.
Milan: I want the red one!
Tessa: I need it.
Milan: (crying and screaming) Tessa won’t give me the red one!!!
Carlien: Milan, if Tessa gives you the red one, which one of your’s will you give to her?
Tessa looks up interested, she might be open to a swop.
Milan: Nothing!
No deal – Tessa goes back to her game. More screaming.
Carlien: But then Tessa will only have one, and you will have five.
Milan: I need them AAAALLLLL!
Carlien: OK Milan, if Tessa gives you the red one for a bit, will you give it back to her when you are finished?
Milan: No! I need to keep them AAAALLLLL!
He’s terrible at negotiation, but at least he’s totally honest about his selfishness!
The Govenders
The Govenders