Barker Beránek Bernin Bernreiter Blinka Blaauw Brant Brodén Čichovský Demjanenko Dvořák Eriksson Flégl Fuňka Govender Gustafsson Hamza Håkanssons Heger Hellström Hendrych Lhota Lochovský Lučanský Kadrnožka Klečař Kocourek Kořán Králíček Kristiansson Mangold Mazzardi Nilsson Nimrichter Olinsson Petr Pedersen Peisker Samuelsson Šašek Siljegren Simonsson Svensson Thiart Tichý Turek Ukvitne Vaněk Varga Vavrouch Vavruch Veltruský Viger Wagner-Pommer Zigante

Matěj Vavruch (*1826,+1906) and his wife Johanna, later Jana, Gardavská (*1821 (birth certificate) or *1825 (family grave in Kojetín),+1899) had four children, of which two survived to adulthood:
Rudolf Wawruch (*1852,+1920) and
František Vavrouch (*1855,+1924).

The following text covers their descendants and some of those of Rudolf's sister-in-law, Františka Klapilová.

Jan Kořán (*1831,+1907) and his wife Františka Rybáčková (*1832,+1897) had three children, of which two survived to adulthood:
Robert Jan Kořán (*1859,+1943) and
Jindřich Kořán (*1868,+1952).

The following text gives information available to us about their descendants.

Rudolf Wawruch (*1852,+1920) married Anna Klapilová (*1863,+1944) in 1885.

Robert Jan Kořán (*1859,+1943) married Marie Schwarzová (*1874,+1956) in 1894.

Both Rudolf Wawruch and Robert Jan Kořán had 3 children surviving to adulthood (numbered (1), (2) and (3) below).

(1) Zdeněk Vavruch married (1) Eliška Kořánová.

(2) Ludmila (Lidka) Vavruchová (*1890,+1957), married Vladimír Věrný (*1887,+1935).

Lidka was a very talented painter. Her sister-in-law was a mystical poet Božena Fmarja Věrná, reputedly briefly TGM's lover. (She received some support from him and bought a fur coat with it.) Lidka kept Vladimír's ashes in her glass cabinet and they were then buried with her in her coffin in Vavruch family grave in Bubeneč. I remember her divining using a pack of cards. Whenever the face of Death appeared, she would not warn against some impending disaster, but simply used the word in an old saying "Než by se smrti nadál..." ("Sooner than you would expect Death...", meaning "Suddenly, pretty soon...") and continued the sentence with something quite unrelated. (Petr)

(2) Viktor Kořán married:

  1. Olga (Olu) Hausmanová (*1905,+1975) on the 14th of May 1924;
  2. Jarmila (Jari) Zgustová (*1918,+2000) on the 27th of November 1938;
  3. Zdenka Hromadová (*1927,+2021) in 1965.

(3) Ladislav (Laďa) Vavruch married (3) Marie (Mářa) Kořánová.
Children of Zdeněk and Eliška (Ivan and Alena) were thus double cousins of children of Laďa and Mářa (Aleš and Pavel).

JUDr Zdeněk Vavruch (*1889,+1932) married Eliška Kořánová (*1895,+1978) in 1918 and had 2 children:

1. Prof. Ivan Vavruch (*1919,+2006) married Marie (Maruška) Bártů (*1928,+2014) in 1953 and had
Olga (*1954) and
RNDr Štěpán Vavruch (*1957).

1.1 Olga married Gerhard (Geri) Mangold (*1950) in 1981.

2. RNDr Alena Vavruchová (*1924,+1999) married MUDr Jan (Honza) Lochovský (*1913,+1999) in 1953 and had
Petr (*1954),
Zdeněk (*1956) and
Jana (*1958,+2007).

2.1 Ing. Petr Lochovský first married ing. Miloslava Koblihová in 1986, then divorced.
Petr then married Marcela Šebová (*1952) in 1995 and had
Martin (*1996).

2.3 Jana Lochovská married Zdeněk Hendrych (*1955,+2015) in 1992 and had:
Vít (*1990) and
Madlenka (*1995).

JUDr Ladislav (Laďa) Vavruch (*1895,+1967) married Marie (Mářa) Kořánová (*1905,+1994) in 1924 and had, officially, 3 sons:

1. MUDr Aleš Vavruch (*1926,+1993) first married Ludmila (Lída) Hummelová, later Ježková (*1931,+2004) in 1949 and had 3 children, then divorced:

1.1 Helena (*1950) married Karl-Olof Gustafsson (*1946,+1996) in 1972 and had
Henrik (*1974,+2003),
Martin (*1975) and
Madeleine (Madde) (*1986).

1.1.2 Martin Bernin married Anna-Maria Bernin in Åsa on 16 August 2003 and had
Alicia born on 12 August 2004 and
Philip born on 30 December 2007.

1.1.3 Madeleine married Linus Brodén on 30 August 2014 and had
Bo born on 23 October 2014 at 21:40, 50 cm and
Lovisa born on 13 August 2017 at 23:10 (44 cm, almost 2 kg).

1.2 Dr Luděk Vavruch (*1951) married Dr Helena Opršalová in 1973 and had
Veronika (*1976),
Denisa (*1980),
Lucas (*1982) and
Ludvig (*1986).

1.2.1 Veronika married Jockum Nilsson (*1975) in 2002 and had 2 children, then divorced:
Pauline born on 21 October 2004 and
Alexander born on 21 May 2006 (49 cm, 3.6 kg).
Veronika married Niklas Siljegren (*1971) on 8 September 2018 at Sätra Brunn kurort.

1.2.2 Denisa married Pontus Samuelsson (*1977) in 2004 and had
Zacharias born on 9 August 2006 (51 cm, 3.41 kg) and
Estelle and Ellinor born on 19 March 2009 (2.1 and 2.8 kg resp.).

1.2.3 Lucas married Diana Olinsson (*1984) on 14 October 2017 and had
Albin Erik Sylvester born on 9 September 2013 at 1am (3.74 kg, 52 cm) and
Oscar Erik Love born on 20 January 2015 at 7:35pm (51 cm, 3.61 kg).

1.2.4 Ludvig married Camilla Håkanssons in Bjärka-Säby on 20 July 2013 and had
Evelyn Helen Anneli Marie born on 9 June 2015 at 16:17 (49 cm, 3.305 kg) and
Alva Hedvig Therese born on 25 July 2018 at 9:00 (51 cm, 3.62 kg) and
Lova Victoria Ludmilla born on 28 October 2021 at 21:52 (53 cm, 3.94 kg).

1.3 Marta (*1955) married Petr Brant (*1950) in 1974 and had 2 daughters, then divorced:
Linda (*1981) and
Petra (*1988).

1.3 Marta is in long term relationship with Harald Nilsson (*1955).

1.3.1 Linda had with Johan Jönsson Pedersen (*1979)
Waldemar (Carl Johan Waldemar Pedersen) born on 18 May 2010 (53 cm, 3.95 kg) and
Johanka (Ida Linda Johanna) Pedersen born on 25 January 2013 at 2pm.

1.3.2 Petra had with Andreas Hellström (*1981)
David Henrik Brant born at 7:20 on 11 May 2016 (51 cm, 3.34 kg) and
Matilda Brant born at 22:02 on 8 May 2019 (47 cm, 3.31 kg).

1. Aleš then married Zdenka Vavruchová, née Heváková (see below) in 1960 and had
Aleška (Alexandra) (*1964).

1.4 Alexandra had
Maximilian (*1991) with Bo Svensson (*1958).
Alexandra married Per Kristiansson in 2002.

2. JUDr Pavel Vavruch (*1928,+2018) first married Zdenka Heváková (*1931,+2020) in 1950 and had 2 children, then divorced:

2.1 Oliva (*1952) married ing. Jiří Lhota (*1951) in 1975 and had
Patricie (Patty) (*1981) and
Jeanette (*1983).

2.1.1 Patricie married Bernt Wagner-Pommer (*1968) on 6 March 2010 in Kropp and had
Leonard born on 10 June 2011 (4.02 kg),
Teodor born on 8 February 2013 (53 cm, 4.4 kg) and
Isidor born on 24 June 2015.

2.1.2 Jeanette married Pier Zigante (*1979) on 1 September 2018 in Jonstorp and had a son
Gabriel born on 6 July 2019 (50 cm, 3.44 kg).

2.2 Ing. Ondřej Vavruch (*1957,+1988) married Ingela Bergström (*1958) in 1987 and had no children.

2. Pavel then married Marie (Majka) Kolářová (*1941) in 1962 and had
Lucie (*1964).

2.3 Lucie married Johan Ukvitne (*1960) and had a daughter, then divorced:
Beate (*1989).

2.3 Lucie is in long term relationship with Magnus Eriksson (*1967).

2.3.1 Beate married Erik Simonsson (*1991) on 8 June 2019 at Tängsta Gård and had
Bo born at 19:46 on 24 June 2020 (50 cm, 3.45 kg) and
Ester Rut Ukvitne born on 8 November 2022 in Västerås.

3. Ing. Petr Vavruch (*1942) first married Blanka Kubiasová (*1944) in 1963, had no children and divorced in 1967.
then married Shani de Beer (*1946) in 1972 and had
Carolina Marie (Carlien) (*1975),
Rudolf Robert (*1978) and
Andrea Lenka (*1981).

NOTE: Petr's biological father might have been J. Klíma (1874-1948).

Shani's part of the de Beer clan

3.1 Carlien married Seelan Govender (*1976) in 2004 and had
Tessa born on 13 January 2008 (52 cm, 3.45 kg) and
Milan born at 14:13 on 5 March 2013 (52 cm, 2.95 kg).

3.2 Rudolf is in long term relationship with Natalie Thiart (*1976).

3.3 Andrea married Johan Blaauw (*1982) on 24 March 2012.

Františka Klapilová (*1857,+19??) married Tomáš Pazdera (*1851,+1927) in 1879 and had one son surviving to adulthood:
František (Frantík) (*1890,+1962).

František Pazdera married Františka (*1899,+1967) and had
Josefa (Pepuša, later Jožka) (*1921,+1982) and
Miloš (*1925,+1938).

Jožka Pazderová married Alois Tichý (*1914,+1962) and had
František (called Fanouš by the Vavruchs) Tichý (*1948,+2018).

Ing. František Tichý married Anna (Anička) Machilková (*1952) and had
Jana (*1980) and
Eva (Evička) (*1981).

Jana Tichá married Robert Fuňka (*1979) on 13 September 2013.

Evička Tichá married Josef (Pepa) Dvořák (*1980) in 2005 and had
Anička and
Eliška, both born on Friday, 14 March 2014,
Jolanka born on 25 July 2016 and
Matýsek born on Saturday, 21 July 2018.

František Vavrouch (*1855,+1924) married Johanna (Jana) Medková (*1869,+1951) and had:

  1. Miroslav (Miroš) Vavrouch (*1892,+1977) - head teacher;
  2. František (Fanouš) Vavrouch (*1893,+1972) - Prostějov;
  3. Vladimír (Vladík) Vavrouch (*1895,+1977) - Kojetín - married Marie (Mařenka) (*1906,+1983) and had no chidren;
  4. Zdeněk Vavrouch (*1898,+1988) - Brno.

Thus Zdeněk, Lidka and Laďa Vavruch, all living in Prague, had four cousins called Vavrouch in Moravia.

1. Miroslav (Miroš) Vavrouch (*1892,+1977) married Emilie (*1900,+1978) and had
Věra (*1925,+1967) and
Hana (*1931).

1.1 Věra Vlková had
Elena (*1955) who married Gerlich.

1.2 Hana married MUDr Ivan Flégl (+2017) and had
MUDr Jiří Flégl (*1954,+2004) and
Ivana (*1961).

2. JUDr František (Fanouš) Vavrouch (*1893,+1972) married Evženka Fagošová née Šoupalová (*1900,+1988) and had
Zdeněk (*1925,+2000) and
Dušan (*1927).

2.1 Zdeněk Vavrouch (*1925,+2000) first married Zdena Kabertová and had 2 daughters:
Ivana (*1950) and
Hana (*1951).

2.2 Ing. Dušan Vavrouch (*1927,+2014) married Zdena Mlčochová (*1932,+2018) and had
Michal (*1958) and
Martin (*1963).

Law student's record book of František Vavrouch

2.2.1 JUDr Michal Vavrouch (*1958) first married Irena Jasníková and had one child, then divorced:
Alice (*1985). Alice married Pavel Blinka on 18 September 2010 and had
Václava (Vendula) born on 8 July 2011.

2.2.1 Michal then married Jitka Korábová and had
Michal (*1990).

2.2.2 Ing. Martin Vavrouch (*1963) married Petra Matovičová (*1964) in 1989 and had:
Martin (*1990) and
Anna (Anička) (*1997).

Michal Vavrouch in a veteran race
Petra Vavrouchová and Martin Vavrouch in 2018
Anička Vavrouchová and Ing. Martin Vavrouch's partner Mr Eckold
Anička Vavrouchová, Zdena Vavrouchová (*1932,+2018) and Martin Vavrouch (*1990) in 2017

4. Ing. Zdeněk Vavrouch (*1898,+1988) married Vilma Gardavská (*1905,+1994), daughter of Aurelie née Kominek, and had 2 sons:
Zdeněk (*1931,+2007) and
Radomír (Radek) (*1940).

4.1 Ing. Zdeněk Vavrouch (*1931,+2007) married Marie (*1937,+2010) and had
Jana (*1977).

4.1.1 Jana married Phd. Dominik Heger (*1977) in 2003 and had
Vilém born on 22 July 2008 (50 cm, 3.5 kg).

4.2 Radomír Vavrouch (*1940) married Jaroslava Machová (*1947) in 1968 and had
Radomír (Radek) (*1970) and
Andrea (*1974).

4.2.1 Radomír Vavrouch (*1970) married Kateřina (Kačenka/Katka) Smílková (*1980) in 2004 and had
Radomír (Radeček) born on 28 August 2005 and
Sára born on 8 January 2009.

Katka with Radek (14) and Sára (10)

4.2.2 Andrea married David Nimrichter in 1996 and had
Jakub (Kuba) (*1996), divorced and
then with Martin Beránek (*1980) had
Filip born on 6 March 2008 at 08:30 (52 cm, 3.6 kg).

RNDr Viktor (Vikin) Kořán (*1897,+1984) first married Olga (Olu) Hausmanová (*1905,+1975), a classmate of Mářa, on the 14th May 1924. The marriage was divorced in 1936 but there was one good final outcome:
Olga (Slávina) Kořánová (*1937).

Petr: Olu belongs to the category of family myths and legends. She was extremely gifted in many ways and probably more than little spoilt (she came from a family a lot richer than were the Kořáns). She was artistic and an accomplished translator (e.g. books by Richard Halliburton). Obviously she was a real character and so I insisted on meeting her (for the first time) before our emigration. She decided that she would call herself uncle Olu because I already had too many other aunts.

Slávina married ing. Jaroslav Petr (*1936,+2017) and had
Jaroslav (*1962,+2023) and
Olga (Olina) (*1968).

Olina married John Patrick Barker (*1971), a farmer son from New Zealand, in 2002 and had
Žofie (Žofi) on 25 April 2007.

On the 27th of November 1938, Viktor married Jarmila (Jari) Zgustová (*1918,+2000), a direct descendant of Bedřich Smetana. They had a son
Marian (*1940).

Ing. Marian Kořán married Ing. Helena Chvojková (*1947,+2023) in 1968 and had
Michaela (*1974) and
Gabriela (*1978).

Michaela married Jaroslav Veltruský (*1973) in 2003 and had
Barborka on 12 August 2004 and
Magdalenka on 24 March 2007.

Gabriela married Mathieu Viger (*1982) in 2007 and had
Pavel Victor on 29 December 2011 and
Alan on 15 June 2014.

Ing. Jindřich Kořán (*1868 Kvasice (Moravia),+1952) married Magdalena (Magdička) Novotná (*1884 Strakonice (Southern Bohemia),+1970) and had 4 daughters:

  1. Růžena (Růženka) (*1905,+1992);
  2. Marie (Mařenka) (*1906,+1994);
  3. Jitka (*1912,+1969);
  4. Edeltruda (Edélka) (*1918 Vienna).

Thus Eliška Vavruchová, Viktor Kořán and Mářa Vavruchová had four cousins.

1. Růžena Kořánová (*1905,+1992) married JUDr Miloš Hamza (*1898,+1945) and had 2 children:
Jitka (Itinka) (*1929,+2017) and
Jan (*1931).

1.2 Jan Hamza first married Marie Tuszková, then he married Květa Voborská (*1937) and had 2 children:
Jana (*1956) and
Richard (*1957).

1.2 Jan Hamza then married Marta Poděbradská (*1938) and had a son
Dr Jan Hamza (*1979).

1.2.1 Jana Hamzová married Milan Demjanenko (*1956) and had 2 sons:
Milan (*1979) and
Richard (*1984). Milan Demjanenko (*1979) married Hana Pečenková (*1981).

1.2.2 Richard Hamza (*1957) married Dagmar Kolárová (*1957) and had 2 children:
Filip (*1976) and
Sandra (*1979). Sandra married Viktor Klečař (*1979) and had a son
Antonín (*2006).

2. Marie Kořánová (*1906,+1994) married Ing. Jaroslav Turek (*1899,+1963) and had 4 children:

  1. Zdenka (*1930,+1993);
  2. Eva (*1933);
  3. Věra (*1935);
  4. Jiří (Ík) (*1937,+1985).

2.1 Zdenka Turková married Dimitrij Kadrnožka (*1923) and had a son
Jan (*1954).

2.1.1 Jan Kadrnožka married Eva Fürstová (*1956) and had a daughter
Petra (*1985).

2.2 Eva Turková married Vladimír Králíček (*1927) and had 2 children:
Petr (*1957) and
Jana (*1959).

2.2.1 Petr Králíček married Štěpánka Somrová (*1959) and had 2 children:
Petra (*1980) and
Lukáš (*1984).

2.2.2 Jana Králíčková married Jaroslav Kocourek (*1957) and had 2 children:
David (*1992) and
Zuzana (*1996).

2.3 Věra Turková (*1935) married PhDr Václav Šašek (*1933) and had 2 sons:
Martin (*1962) and
Pavel (*1965).

2.3.1 Ing. Martin Šašek first married Renáta Stutzová (*1963) and had 2 children:
Marek (*1990) and
Monika (*1993).

2.3.1 Ing. Martin Šašek then married Mgr Denisa Marešová (*1966) and had a daughter
Dominika (*2006).

2.3.2 Ing. Pavel Šašek married Ing. Martina Jandová (*1966) and had 2 children:
Ondřej (*1993) and
Klára (*1996).

2.4 Ing. Jiří Turek (*1937,+1985) married Eva Jelínková (*1938) and had 2 daughters:
Pavla (*1964) and
Martina (*1973).

2.4.1 Pavla Turková married Martin Lučanský and had 2 daughters:
Lucie (*1990) and
Veronika (*1992).

2.4.2 Martina Turková married Tomáš Peisker and had 2 daughters:
Adéla (*2003) and
Zuzana (*2005).

3. Jitka Kořánová (*1912,+1969) married MUDr Paolo Mazzardi (*1899 Brescia, Italy,+1975) and had 2 children:
Antonio (*1933) and
Enrico (*1936,+2002).

3.1 Antonio married Carla Belloni (*1930) and had a son
Carlo (*1959).

3.2 Enrico married Vania Porteri (*1950) and ) and had 2 daughters:
Paola (*1988) and
Laura (*1991).

4. Edeltruda Kořánová (*1918) married Miroslav Čichovský (*1916,+1991) and had a daughter
Daniela (*1943).

4.1 Daniela Čichovská first married Zdeněk Bernreiter (*1937) and had 2 children (then divorced in 1965):
Lucie (*1960) and
Tomáš (*1963).

4.1 Daniela emigrated in 1969 and married Joe Varga (*1946 Jugoslavia) and had a daughter
Barbara (*1972).

4.1.1 Lucie Bernreiterová (*1960) married Milan Vaněk (*1958) and had a son
Milan (*1980).

4.1.2 Tomáš Bernreiter (*1963) married Simona Černohorská (*1975) and had a daughter
Kristina (*2000). Milan Vaněk (*1980) married Adriana Baťková (*1979) and had a son
Matyáš (*2005).

In 2016, there was one Vavruch in Czechia, in Brno. Also one Varuchová in Brno and one in Brandýs nad Labem. There were 354 Kořáns, 378 with surname Kořánová all mainly in western Bohemia, 48 Vavrouchs, 52 with surname Vavrouchová mainly in Moravia and 138 Vavrochs mainly in Bohemia. More recent information is not available.

There were no Wawruchs or Wawruchová in the Czech Republic. (Statistics and maps from

It is clear that the version 'Vavrouch' in our family was a mistake. There are other Vavrouchs (and Kořáns) who are not related to us as much as we know. Some unrelated (?) Vavrouchs lived in Kojetín where the mistake was made.

Rudolf wrote his surname 'Wawruch' because he did not want German speakers to pronounce it [fafruch]. This is also historical spelling used by e.g. Dr Ondřej Ignác Wawruch (*1771 or 73 or 82,+1842), the last physician of Beethoven (generally not blamed for Beethoven's death).

The version 'Wawruch' is used by families in eastern Poland. Michał Wawruch was born there in 1872 and he died on 1st June 1939 in Abramów, which is an administrative village north-west of Lublin. His son, Bolesław Wawruch, was born on 9th December 1906 in Abramów and died there on 8th February 1989. His son, Marian Wawruch, was born in 1936 in Marcinów, a small village very near Abramów, and lives in Lublin, just like his grandson Piotr (see photo).

There is also Konrad Wawruch, a biomolecular scientist, and prof. Ryszard Wawruch in Gdynia.

We thought that there were no Vavruchs left in Czechoslovakia. However there was a young sportsman, Daniel Vavruch, who lived in Poruba near Ostrava. Maybe he moved to Brno.

And there was was doc. RNDr Alojz Wawruch, born in Hungary in 1939, who lived in Prague from 1963 and died on 16 April 1999 in Stupava.

There is Dr Martin Wawruch in Bratislava, T.M Wawruch in the USA and Miguel Wawruch in Brazil.

There are apparently many Vavruchs in Ukraine and Belarus. Derazhnyansky district is the densest center of the surname Vavruch. Male or female, they use the surname, in cyrilic alphabet, BABPYX (also BABPYK). Some of them moved to the USA and Canada and use the English spelling Vavrukh. NÁS MNǑGO!

Наталія Лука-Ваврух 3 September 2014
Да, отец моего мужа родился и вырос в с.Кошляки. Учился во Львовском политехническом институте.Теперь живет и работает в г.Тернополь. Его родители похоронены в с.Кошляки.Живет еще родная сестра - ей 85 лет. В селе остались дальние родственники.
TRANSLATION: Natalia Luka-Vavrukh
Yes, my husband’s father was born and raised in the village of Koshlyaki (Western Ukraine). He studied at the Lviv Polytechnic Institute. Now he lives and works in Ternopil. His parents are buried in the village of Koshlyaki. His sister still lives - she is 85 years old. Distant relatives remained in the village.

For old records showing Vavruchs from Slovakia etc. you could try this link.

Did we have some Jewish ancestors? My mother believed we did but more than three generations ago - thus out of reach of Hitler's race laws.
Now, in April 2021, a lady in Slovakia discovered some for us. She sent me the information on Facebook, the Jews were on my father's side.

In my mother's text 'Moravia', there is this:
"František Vavruch (grandfather of Rudolf Wawruch) was born on 20 January 1793 in Kojetín. He was a peasant and married Veronika (baptised 10/10/1797), a daughter of another resident in Kojetín, Jan Taufer (1762-1840), and his wife Kateřina, née Peštuková."

Viera Krištofová on Facebook:
"Petr Vavruch, Minulý rok som sa na podnet rodiny začala venovať hľadaniu narodenia môjho pradeda Mathiasa Taufera z Kojetina a dlho som ho nevedela nájsť, potom mi pomohli na jednej FB stránke a našli mi jeho narodenie, svadbu jeho rodičov a tak som začala hľadať aj narodenie jeho rodičov. Matku Katarínu Peštukovu som našla , ale Johanesa Taufera som nevedela nájsť. Tak som sa na internete dostala k stránke upisecku net, kde sa o nich písalo ako o rodičoch Veroniky Taufer, ktorá sa vydala za Vavrucha. Na priloženom dokumente je krst z roku 1785 v Kojetine 23 ročného žida Moyses Kastril a nové meno má Johanes Taufer. Potom sa v roku 1786 oženil s Katarínou Peštukovou."

In short, Jan Taufer was a baptised (in 1785) Jew, Moyses Kastril.

This is quite funny seeing that Prof Wawruch was accused of expressing his nationalist, anti-German, religious and anti-Semitic views in the classroom (in Ostrava in 1885, fortunately, his work was so good that it was soon forgotten.)
And 10 year old Ladislav was spitting from their second floor flat in Kroměříž on Jews walking on the pavement.

Franz Wawruch, Gemeiner bey Kayser Franz Inf., Sohn des Johann Wawruch webers und Barbara Tochter des Johann Gardawsky Vorstädtlers von hier - Regmt. Licenz Kremsner am 3. May 1820 Breda Oberstlieutnant
Veronika Tochter des Johann Taufer Lederers und Ausgedingers N. 301
Daß Johann Taufer, Vater der minderjährigen Braut Veronika in die Ehe willigte, bezeuget von ihm als der Schrift Ankündigen zur Bestätigung dessen ?? meine Fertigung. Johann Doubrawa, Kooper.
FB translation: Franz Wawruch, commoner bey Kayser Franz Inf., son of Johann Wawruch weber and Barbara daughter of Johann Gardawsky suburb from here - Regmt. Licenz Kremsner on May 3., 1820 Breda Lieutenant Colonel
Veronika daughter of Johann Taufer Lederer and No. 301
The fact that Johann Taufer, father of the minor bride Veronika approved into marriage, testifies to him as the scripture announcing that?? my manufacture. Johann Doubrawa, Cooper.
I can't see it here:

This extended family tree is based on charts compiled by RNDr Štěpán Vavruch, on data collected by Mářa Vavruchová, and on additional information provided by Vavrouchs in Brno, Jitka Hamzová and others - many thanks to all! It is the most important part of the family web site

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